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We are preparing our first round of investments and we are granting certain individuals opportunities to purchase discounted shares of our company before we go public. We have considerable traction and we are generating positive cash-flow. (The Advertisments on this page are generating us reveune too ;) including the 62 websites at the bottom of this page.)

Gary Vaynerchuck is involved.

Welcome to Konnex Introduction

Pirhana Tank Investment Show, George Washington University

Yale Club Pitch, New York City

Konnex Pitch Deck, Decemeber 2018

Executive Summary, Decemember 2018

-Auran Shereef
Founder, Konnex

Meet the Team


Auran Shereef(Founder)

Dr. Oliver Schlake(Advisor)

Bob Proctor (Advisor)

Tim Guaghran (Advisor)

Fazia Mack(Advisor)

Alicia Porter (Director of Human Resources)

Kelly Vines (Sale Director)

Blair Petring (Marketing Director)

Scoot Gankhuleg (Finance Manager)

Our team is quite large and growing, we have more poeple working as developers and we will post more vids of the team soon!

Other Products we are building.
Konnex Phone

Link to how we built it

Konnex Jacket

Link to how we built it

Konnex Jacket Demo

Konnex Car

Link to how we built it

Konnex Glove

Konnex IOT

Konnex Facial Recognition

Konnex Testimonials
UMD Career Fair Students

Shark Tank Line

UMD Career Fair Students

Facebook users switches

Radio Personality

Buisness Owner

UMD Student

Gary Vaynerchuck

How I met Gary Vaynerchuk. After attending a Tony Robbins Event in Virginia. Gary was signing autographs at the end of the event. He was about to leave and I threw a bunch of money at him on stage. He picked it up and autographed it for me. I immediately emailed him and his team thanking him and eventually communicated with him via email. The rest of the story can be found here. Link to Full Article

Konnex Interviews
Podcast Interview: Cafe Latino

Podcast Interview: Podcast Village

Podcast village Full Audio

Podcast Interview: Podcast Village 2

Konnex Podcast

Link to Konnex Podcast Show

Mentors that are helping me
Brendan Iribe(Co-founder Oculus)

Kevin Plank(Founder, Under Armour)

Dr. Loh (President of UMD)

Dean Pines (Dean of engineering at maryland)

The day that changed my life

My motorcycle accident and announcing to the world I am committed to Konnex no matter what

Also, the day I spoke to Bob Procor March 30th, 2016 changed my life and course of history forever. I recorded my call with my Mentor Bob Proctor that day. Hopefully it will help change you in some way too.

March 30th, 2016. Bob Proctor-Auran Shereef Phone Call

After this phone call, I magically received another phone call from a gentleman that said I was approved for a very large loan. I used it to immediately book my ticket and meet and train with the Legendary Bob Proctor. Him and his team completely altered my life forever. I attended his 6 day seminar in Toronto and it was incredible. I would highly recommend it if you would to completely change your life. It is worth it. I have never been the same since that week.

Link to Proctor Gallagher Website

Bob Proctor Larry King

Sandra Gallagher(Bob Proctor's Partner)

Afterwards Bob Proctor invited us to his house and I decided to announce to the entire world the launch of my company Konnex from his office studio!

Konnex Bob Proctor's Studio

After writing down my goal on my goal-card, unbelievable magical things started to happen and next I was casted for Shark Tank when I returned home.

Link to my shark tank journey

Our new office at the Ally in DC

After attending an event with my mentor Bob Proctor, I met a successful Hollywood movie producer there and we became friends. Phil Goldfine. We will be in production to shoot a movie about my fantastic journey of Konnex and my life.

Link to movie

Read more About me here
I was born in lahore Pakistan on July 28th, 1989. I have 2 other siblings.

Why did I start this company?
I was attending university career fairs and I hated what was happening there.

I started Konnex as an iphone app and after considerable mentorship from billionaire entrepreneurs I expanded the company into a full blown social media platform and then started developing other technology as the company grew. My goal is help connect the entire world together but more importantly build a profitable technology company similar to google, apple, facebook.

I am an engineer at heart but love building businesses. My parents built a similar Linkedin platform in the 1980’s and sold it. My grandparents started one of the largest printing presses in Pakistan.

I will run Konnex for the rest of my life and build it into the company it is meant to be. I would like to be remembered in the same category as Bill Gates, Elon Musk, Thomas Edison, Steve Jobs, Andrew Carnegie, Mark Zuckerberg.

Why I read 10books per day.

Purchase my books I published here.

Buy our products for the company here.

Link to Personal Linkedin Profile.

Link to Konnex Web Platform

Link to the beta version on Itunes App Store

Link to the beta version on Google Play store

Link to our twitter handle

Link to our Linkedin account

Link to our facebook account

Email me directly at founder@konnex.co or our cfo, Tom Barnhill at cfo@konnex.co. Give us a call and leave us a mesage at our office number. 443-620-3649.

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